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Prathmesh Mahajan

Founder & Director of Highclonoid Softec

    A Microsoft certified and Android certified professional. He is the Founder and Director of Highclonoid Softec, which was established in the year 2013. He is also a partner and founder with another IT firm, named Shikshan suvidha. After graduating in computers from one of the reputed colleges in Nashik, named KK Wagh Institute of Engineering with flying colors, he did Post Graduation as well. He always had a dream to start up his own firm and his endeavours have got him where he is now. A go getter and ready to accept challenges in life. He shares a good bond with his employees and knows how to lead them as well.

Last but not the least; although he has achieved a lot at a very young age, he is very down to earth personality and a real GEM.

Rohit Patil

Senior Marketing Manager In Highclonoid Softec

Rohit Patil is CMO at Highclonoid Softec, has experience of 8 years in Marketing field and also has strateegy to grow business and down to earth nature